You are thinking in buying a home or holiday home in the Algarve?

But you are afraid that you

- don't speak Portuguese!

- don't know anybody (lawyer, building company, arquitect, gardener, etc.)!

- don't know nothing about Portuguese laws!

- don't know whom to ask in case you need any craftsman, doctor, tax accountant, etc.!

Well, then you found allready the solution for all these problems, reading this page: US! We can help you with all these matters. As we are living here for many years (e.g. Stephan for more than 17 years) we do speak Portuguese, we do know where to go to and whom to ask for. And we are willing to share all this knowledge with you, our client! What ever it is, ask us!

Don't be afraid, enjoy the fantastic climate, the excellent food and, last but not least, your new home in the Algarve!